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Cargozeal Technologies Limited, the leading logistics service provider in Nigeria, offers clients a world-class integrated logistics service that spans across the supply chain. Transforming logistics challenges into competitive advantages, we provide real solutions to meet any logistics demands when importing goods into Nigeria.

We offer the worldwide airfreight import and export of your goods. We are committed to prompt service hence we make use of up to date tracking technology that allows us to monitor our client’s shipment world wide. We have valuable experience in air Freight with a global coverage. We offer a wide range of Air Freight services some of which includes

We offer comprehensive Sea Freight services with a great network of partners all over the globe which makes us stand out among our contemporaries. As with our other services we make use of highly qualified professionals in each area of our operation to ensure maximum satisfaction on the part of our clients

Cargozeal Technologies Limited offer a comprehensive haulage service to any part of Nigeria with our state of the heart transportation services including: Large Vehicles, pick-up vans, delivery van and buses, cooling vans, mini buses and many more.

We provide warehousing space for storage, on behalf of our customers in various sectors of the Economy. Our warehouses are located in Lagos, Abuja and . These warehouses with various capacities are insured against fire, burglary and special perils. They are adequately protected by notable third party security outfit as well as Nigerian Police Force to provide surveillance in our warehouses.

We also render a range of VALUE ADDED SERVICES to our clients through our logistics service to suite their need and keep them abreast of events in the industries and advising them on how bwst to apply themselves to these events.Cargozeal Nigeria Road Logistics Network offers coverage across 36 states for Groupage, LTL and FTL shipments. Cargozeal scheduled service offers fixed transit times and ensures reliable door-to-door transport — from every postcode to every postcode — across Nigeria. We provide you with: . Precise, reliable lead time and rate information for optimal logistics planning . Online tracking and tracing via Cargozeal Login For further information, please contact your nearest Cargozeal office or email us at info@cargozeal.com

Cargozeal Technologies Limited has been successfully airlifting pilgrims on both Umrah and Hajj since year 2000. We possess a wealth  of experience and impeccable track records. Our services also extends to groups or organization who wish to perform Hajj jointly. We also have prepackaged tours for both Umrah and Hajj. Cargozeal Technologies Limited will provide necessary facilities to facilitate their group airlift, accommodation transportation and observance of Hajj rites as may be required.
In our effort to encourage less privileged Muslims to perform Hajj, we make it possible for any Muslims who cannot pay at once to do so in installments ahead of the Hajj & Umrah period. Over 100 thousands who have benefited from our services are full of praises for our performances especially in terms of Transportation, Accommodation and ensuring full observance of Hall/Umrah rites.
Cargozeal Technologies Ltd possess ticketing licenses with reputable airlines like Emirates, Turkish airline, Egypt air and even domestic airlines.
We also manage the carriage of excess luggage for UMRAH and HAJJ.

Temperature sensitive cargo, such as cut-flowers, plants, fish, meat and flower bulbs, eggs, need to be handled according to specific requirements and with the highest care. We are committed to make sure your products will reach their final destination in the best possible condition.

We carefully monitor the shipments through every step on the journey, but can do more for our customers. Cargozeal offers a comprehensive international transportation concept for temperature sensitive cargo.
The limited shelf life of most perishable items dictate a just-in-time approach. Goods are collected just in time to make the flight and are collected immediately upon arrival at destination and delivered to the consignee.

One-stop-shopping concept offers:
* Umrah and Hajj services (excess luggage carrier)
* Pre-carriage and distribution by our own fleet of temperature control vehicles .
* Plant quarantine / phytosanitary inspections .
* Port handling .
* Custom house brokerage .
* Cold storage . Vacuum cooling .
* Pick & pack
* Door to Door

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